An Escape From His Fathers Strict Rules About Gender Identify And Religion

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As an escape from his fathers strict rules about gender identify and religion , nyowe decides to join in with the christian missionaries because he found strength and belief in them and he felt they were more like him. The character that this essay will be focused on is Nyowe. What Nyowe thinks about himself is that he is nothing like his father and he will never be like his father. The way that Nyowe sees himself is more as in a peaceful way and he will never agree that the igbo culture will ever affect him and make him like his father, he will never fit in with the igbo culture. What Nyowe thinks about himself is that he needs the way to not turn out like his father , he thinks killing innocent people ins’t what he plans to do. Nyowe thinks that he wasn’t made to do manly chores and he realizes that he doesn’t belong in his own religion. That is how identifies himself before the missionaries arrived.

The arrival of the missionaries brought Nyowe back up in his tormented life of dealing with his father’s strict rules that made him the way he is before the arrival. After one week after the missionaries arrival , while building the church , nyowe shadows them and he basically follows them around to see how they are , he loved the way the missionaries were , he felt that they were more like him, he wanted to enter the religion but the fear of his father was very strong so he had second thoughts but sometimes he didnt even…

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