An Epic Day Billy Collins Analysis

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“An Epic Day”

When Billy Collins wrote a poem titled “The Names.” America was enamored by tragedy. Speaking of pain/tragedy in this poem is shockingly detailed among few lines. The United States monuments Sept. 11, 2001, this day will never be forgotten. My insight will reflect on the effects this attack had on our communities, lives of Americans, also the tightening of the security we hold.

The communities were hit hard. Effects of this event put citizens in financial binds, although times were getting difficult this brought us closer together as a Nation. The dollar amount of damage done in the wake of the attacks was a towering number. Offices, businesses, even corporations were put on hold, destroyed
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This attack upon all attempts, physically threatened and emotionally hurt our beings. From an emotional standpoint, many were killed, injured or had lost a loved one very close and dear to their hearts. Throughout this event deaths totaled 2,996. There was 2,977 victims and 19 hijackers that died, plus a total of 6,000+ non-fatally injured citizens. Collins says, “Among thousands of flowers heavy with a dew like the eyes of tears, and each had a name.” This also brought hurtful emotion an uncomforting sadness for me. That statement, “flowers are like the people, the dew are the tears for the fallen and broken hearted.”(Lines: **-**; Page: **-**) Like each flower no one is ever created the same, every person was unique and beautiful in ways. Confused, angry and sad we set out to mend our broken emotions by conforming. As Americans we came to see ourselves in a physical threat as well, due to the fact we were blindsided with an attack. This grasped the beginning of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq shortly after 9/11. Feeling that the terrorist put us all in harm’s way, threatened our lives and the freedoms we have. Furthermore, the physical devastation we endured during this unexpected attack. Our guard is no longer down, and we are at full attention. These Americans just living their daily lives around a routine, with task and objectives. Only, just to make it home at the end of the

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