Essay on An Environmental Management System ( Ems )

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An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2015). In other words, EMS provides guidelines for an organization to make decisions relating to their environmental impact. I would recommend the Environmental Management System for my airport.
My biggest reason for supporting the EMS program is that it makes it easier to stay within the environmental regulations. If I create an adequate EMS for my airport, the process to stay within regulation is much more streamline and efficient.
A defining characteristic of EMS is that it is ongoing. There is no point where it ends, but it repeats itself. There are five components of an Environment Management System (FAA Memorandum: Program Guidance Letter 07-06, 2007). The five components of EMS are Commitment & Environment Policy, Planning, Implementation & Operation, Checking, and Management Review. All of the components of the EMS are dependent upon each other.
I believe the cornerstone behind the entire EMS is the Environment Policy. This will allow me as the airport manager to create my own standards. This will eliminate any gray area that might form when making decisions. If my standards are with government regulations, I will have no problem following my own rules, which give me the independence to improve my airport internally.
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