An Entry Level Requirement Into Nursing Essay

2009 Words Mar 26th, 2016 9 Pages
Since 1965 when the ANA (American Nursing Association) first advocated for the baccalaureate nursing degree to be an entry level requirement into nursing, there has been controversy. Nursing is one of the most versatile career fields with a perpetual demand for employees and research. Choosing to go to school for nursing can be challenging and intimidating, schools across the country have rigorous programs that are not always easy to get into. Deciding on a two year degree program to become a registered nurse or going to school for four years to obtain a BSN is a difficult choice for some. Both options present myriad benefits in conjunction with negative facets and ultimately what fits best into the individual 's life is going to work for them. Obtaining the two year associates degree to be an RN is advantageous to achieving a four year BSN because of a few different factors. Licensed Practitioner Nurses (LPN) will argue that their jobs are quickly becoming obsolete and that the RN title and degree is headed toward the same eventual fate. It is hard to argue against the solidity of the two year RN degree however, once we stop and examine all of its strengths. Perhaps the strongest advantage is the speed at which the ASN can be obtained compared to BSN. With perhaps a year 's worth of pre-requisites, an RN degree can easily be achieved within 2 or 3 years depending on how many pre-requisite classes the individual needs. This means less tuition and faster entry into the…

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