An Enthusiastic Mathematician 's Take On Flow And Meaning Essay example

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Autotelic Arithmetic: An Enthusiastic Mathematician’s Take on Flow and Meaning

Flow and meaning are highly significant concepts in understanding autotelism and the feeling of significance in relation to human nature. These ideas are isolated components of the holistic field of human flourishing; an area of psychology dedicated to comprehending well-being, happiness and the way we thrive. An aspect of my life that I feel I can best attribute these concepts to is my appreciation of mathematics. Though flow is often associated with creative activities, my personal process of solving complex numerical problems aptly adheres to the criteria of flow and meaning. My sense of flow during the activity brings about a feeling of purpose and meaning. As humans, we experience flow and meaning in various ways. However, the sense of these concepts is frequent and unassailable, and can be attributed to the overarching notion of human flourishing.

My experience of mathematics has always been one of positive sorts. From a young age I have felt an atypical comfort within numbers. When exploring a mathematical expression I find my awareness of my external environment disintegrates, enabling sharper focus on my internal environment. For me, numbers and formulae have a pattern and rhythm. They twist and move and interweave, creating progressive structures within my head – not dissimilar to the complex and logical works of M. C. Escher. I often find a great deal of time quietly passes when…

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