Essay on An Enterprise Level Application For A Company

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Constant improvement is what it would position Eagle Pipe as a next generation full-service distributors and exploration support. To retain and expand our market, we strive for improvements in software and implementation to position ourselves resilient with existing customer and attract new accounts. An enterprise level application that functions for large companies and small businesses alike will give Eagle Pipe the correct platform for scalability across the board. Liquid Frameworks is a company that in the early two thousand its primary operation was to serve as a consulting firm serving oilfield industrial environmental services markets. By two thousand and seven Liquid Frameworks offered a first generation field operation application. The growth of the company only continued and by twenty thirteen the released a third generation FieldFX on Salesforce1 platform. In more recent years the company ranked fourteen making it the highest partner on Salesforce AppExchange, based on partner net revenue. Currently, FieldFX by Liquid Frameworks has over ten thousand active users across the globe. Major corporations are now implanting FieldFX to its operational capability. Among some of the companies that currently implement FieldFX we can find, The Expro Group, Pipeline Supply Company, and Archer. Expo Group is an international oilfield service company that currently has over one thousand FieldFx users, and it deployed it in all their seven global regions. The implementation of…

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