An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding Essay

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In “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding” David Hume talks about two kinds of human reasoning, relations of ideas and Matters of fact. According to Hume, all the objects of human reason or inquiry naturally divided into two categories. Relations of ideas are things that we can know by just thinking or knowing the meaning of the words, on the other hand, matters of fact are the opposite. He also points out the problem of induction, we are justified in using our experience of the past as evidence of what will happen in the future which is known as causation. If human reason are not relations of ideas or matters of fact, he says they are nonsense. For example, science will be nonsense because they are not relations of ideas nor matters of fact.
The first object of human reason is relations of ideas. These are things humans know through intuition or demonstration. They are statements that are true simply in virtue of the concepts contained in them and not in virtue of the way the world is. They are true by definition and just have to know the meaning of the word to know if it 's true or false. Relations of ideas are also called analytic truths. Some examples of relations of ideas would be “all triangles have three sides” and “all bachelors are unmarried”. These are true statements, but it does not help us as much because it does not provide helpful information. Both of these statements can be understood simply through understanding the definition.
The second objects of…

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