Essay about An Emergency Evacuation Strategic Plan

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Every hospital or clinic should have an emergency evacuation strategic plan just in case something was to occur. With the amount of patients at the clinic it would be a tough mission to accomplish. For this topic I will be elaborating on different options we can put into perspective if this was to happen at our clinic. As we know, no matter how hard staff members train or go over the clearing plan that is brought to our knowledge certain incidents can still go wrong or unexpected.
When it comes to the schedule we should always accommodate the patient needs giving them enough time for their treatment or daily check-ups, so that way it’s not always congested or hectic, making it challenging to move around in the clinic. There should be sufficient chairs in the waiting room put in an angle or away from the door, so that way patients wouldn’t be throwing chairs because they are so eager to get out or people getting hurt by them. The moment the patient goes through the door to see the doctor, nothing should be in the middle of the walk way. Cabinets should always be locked, so that way nobody can get a hold of medications. Each office should have a panic button even in the front, where the medical assistance or front desk clerk are working.
There must be enough exit doors to use if certain situation get out of hand and an escape plan is needed. Cameras need to be installed inside and outside catching every angle and if possible they should be backed up every 30 min just in case…

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