Essay on An Electronic Health Record ( Ehr )

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According to McDonald, Tang, and Hripcsak (2014), “An electronic health record (EHR) is a repository of electronically maintained information about an individual’s health status and health care, stored such that it can serve the multiple legitimate uses and users of the record”. Furthermore, the EHR comprises five functional components i.e., integrated view of patient data, clinician order entry, clinical decision support, access to knowledge resources and integrated communication and reporting support.
Firstly, it is imperative that the integrated view of patient data component contains all-inclusive information such as diverse data types, for example text, numbers, images and videos. This component has the ability to display and access patients’ demographics, operations, DICOM chest X-ray images, history, problems, medications, orders, notes, consults, discharge summary, and labs from one page (McDonald, Tang, & Hripcsak, 2014). With one click on the tab, extended information can be obtained. Moreover, the integrated patient data utilizes an HL7 interface to acquire data from systems such as EKG carts, cardiology systems, radiology imaging systems, anesthesia systems, off-site laboratories, pharmacies and other remote health care facilities (McDonald et al., 2014). This data and information will form a coherent and conclusive picture; thus health care professionals can save time from searching for missing information from charts and ascertain and narrow patient’s…

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