An Effective Treatment For The Suicide Essay

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Every 40 seconds there is a person that commits suicide somewhere in this world! In addition, each year hundreds of thousands of people dies by suicide in the world. In each year 873 thousands people dies with different suicide operations (1)
It’s really a phenomenon that call to a long standing and reflection on its causes and origins, and even how to cure it.
In our Research this, we will see the real reasons behind the suicide, these reasons are the result of researches costed millions of dollars, and the aim from it, it has to find an effective treatment for the suicide. Despite the large amounts of money that spent each year for the treatment of this phenomenon, the numbers of suicides each year do not change, but increases.
We will also ask ourselves: Does the book of holy God (The QURAN) and it’s the book revealed by God for everything detailed, did forget to mention this phenomenon and to mention a treatment for it? We will compare the scientific treatment with the Quranic treatment to see the Stunning matching, and to see that the Koran is superior to the scientific research and scientists.
I will also propose a suicide outcome measure that can be implemented in USA to reduce and battle this horrible phenomenon , I will name this new therapy explaining the various measures and steps to be performed in the prevention and treatment cases.
- According to UN statistics, in any time when we look at the world 's population, we find that…

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