Essay on An Effective Tool Of Self Marketing

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Having a college education is not enough to land a job. Having the right qualifications are only a portion of what is needed to attract employers. In addition, to having access to your resumes, employers have the ease of researching your online profile (Forbes, 2012). As a result, new job seekers must adapt their qualifications as a whole. This is where branding becomes an effective tool of self-marketing. Self branding, like product branding is building a plan of who and what you want your employer to perceive you as. We will examine the process of self-branding and how we can build our job seeking experience with this concept.
We begin by examining our “self-concept” (Verderber &Verderber, 2012, pg. 55) with asking ourselves “who we are and what we have to offer” (Forbes, 2012).In addition, we may ask for feedback from others to reveal our brand. First, we analyze who we are. In our case, we are resourceful and reliable. Second, we analyze what we have to offer. In our case, we would identify ourselves as business consultant, because this is the industry that we are seeking. Now we can build our brand profile with this base.
To initiate our job search we began using the website This search engine provides access to all government jobs that may be available to civilians. We used Management as our search criteria. USAJobs then listed all jobs that had management in their content. We refined our search by entering additional criteria such as location and pay…

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