Essay about An Effective System Of National Control

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During the eighteenth century, the privileged white males had their own ideas that were expected from them. As being above the rest, they simply focused on the importance for themselves and ignored the other groups of men and women. Zinn’s assertion is agreeable for the following reasons: time period, ideologies of founding fathers, and profits gained through slavery. The time period in which the Declaration was written, started our independence from Great Britain around the 1770’s, resulting in the creation of what we call now the United States. Our founding fathers together formed the statement in which they intended to follow as leaders of our country, to protect our freedom right from the government. Zinn mentions, “They created the most effective system of national control devised in modern times”, agreeable with Zinn, this control is for only the privileged leaders that this system will support during their leadership (Zinn 59). Once we gained independence, the new government formed by the privileged white males was in full swing. With the start of a new government, their focus was on building a new military and creating laws but they mainly focused on the money, which is desired for a new government. Alexander Hamilton wrote, “if we are saved, France and Spain must save us”, with the help from France as an ally we made it possible to win the revolution. (Zinn 77) The government had to find ways to pay their debts from the war. In order to get money, they had to…

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