An Effective Risk Management Plan Essay examples

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Every year, over 1.35 million children sustain a serious injury while participating in a sports related activity (Healy, 2013). Each of these injuries represents potential negligence litigation against athletic leaders including coaches. As a result, organizations have developed legal duties derived from lawsuits against coaches and schools where negligence contributed to an athlete’s injuries. These fourteen legal duties represent the standards or obligations expected of athletic leaders. It is imperative that coaches understand and add these obligations as part of an effective risk management strategy. Programs can mitigate risks with an effective risk management plan as discussed in Appendix E. A risk management plan identifies the risk and develops strategies that will eliminate or reduce those risks. In most cases, these strategies involve developing policies, processes, and procedures that addresses the identified risk (Klingensmith, 2010). Although the fourteen legal duties listed in Appendix F are important, in this chapter the author will discuss three obligations in detail.
DUTY TO PLAN – The duty to plan is an overarching mandate that relates to all obligations incurred by organizations, administrators, and coaches. Effective planning means a more proactive and not a reactive mindset that should involve all aspects within the athletic program (Doleschal, 2006). With a proactive mindset, the program may mitigate or cut the risk of injuries and eliminate…

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