An Effective Leader

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This essay goes over what it means to be an effective leader. Some leaders are not always as effective as they could be. Throughout this essay it is laid out as to what makes an effective leader effective. Confidence without being arrogant is one of the biggest traits for leader presence within an organization. Having character, exuding a commanding presence, having intelligence, being competent, showing leadership ability, and achieving any task at hand is a brief snapshot of what an effective leader does. An effective leader is essential to the success of mission accomplishment. Finally, a leader cannot teach their subordinates or peers the Army Values without having the drive to want to be an effective leader.
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Most people want to be a leader just to be in charge and in control of another person or situation. That is not a good quality of an effective leader. There are natural born leaders and then their other leaders that must learn leadership skills over time. Effective leaders hold certain qualities, skills, and attributes that exude an aura of confidence that naturally make others want to gravitate towards …show more content…
They use their position to take advantage of their subordinates. This type of leadership is toxic not just for the leader’s image, but also for what that leader is supposed to represent to the public. In most cases, these types of leaders emit arrogance instead of confidence. They know what they are supposed to do, and they choose to do the opposite, because they think that they can get away with it. An effective leader will know their subordinates and pay attention to the signs so that any issues that are found within the section can be fixed without disputes from outside sources.
People must remember that each person is unique, which also means everyone has different leadership styles. In Daniel Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles, he explains each style as coercive, pace-setting, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, and coaching. In my experience a leader can be all of those styles, depending on the presented situation. For example, we use coaching daily if we have Soldiers within our ranks to coach, teach and mentor them on the Army

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