An Effective Human Resources Manager Essay

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To create a safe, supportive and enjoyable working environment where members contribute, collaborate and welcome creative input to achieve the objectives of the business. To ensure the workplace where we prepare the food is safe and eliminates hazards that can cause illness or injury. I also aim assure our product is safe and is productively made for the two days of market day and that I am always an effective human resources manager who is approachable but also assertive.
• To ensure criticism and conflict is constructive and positive and business partners feel that negotiations end in a mutually beneficial situation for all involved.
• For all business partners to actively contribute an even amount of work for the business group sections, before, during and after the market day venture.
• To maintain a positive, low stress-working environment on the two days of trading.
• To set to-do-lists and achievable goals before each group meeting that takes place in the lead up to market day.
• Set goals and agendas to ensure each group meeting is productive.

We plan to meet legal requirements in relation to food safety and workplace health and safety by following the legal requirements of the Australian Competition and Consumer’s Act. We plan to strictly follow the food safety guidelines by always having properly washed and clean hands to decrease the possibility of food poisoning, contamination and other diseases markedly. Also, we will store our food…

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