An Effective Human Resource Planning Essays

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A rapidly changing global and competitive environment demands the requirement of identifying and recruiting the right talent. An effective Human Resource planning is required for effective recruitment in order to attract the right resources for the right job. Recruiters make use of both internal and external recruiting methods to incorporate the right talent into the company. Every recruitment process has its own advantages and disadvantages. The result of both the processes is to get the best talent for the organization. Identification of the right talent could occur from within the organization or from an external source. The process of recruiting talent from within the organization is called ‘Internal Recruiting”. In the case of Internal Recruiting, the company seeks to keep its talent pool intact by employing the workers into positions and jobs as and when they become available from within the organization. Internal Recruitment helps save time required to search for new candidates from outside. It also enables in maintaining the ethics and values of the organization. In fact, the internal recruitment process is a signaling for other employees that their efforts and talents are duly recognized. Internal recruiting measures can be seen as an effective cost cutting strategy for many big companies that have a vast pool of talent. Internal Recruiting can be done using internal job postings on bulletin boards, through employee referrals, through the reference of former…

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