An Effective Composer Will Use Their Texts Essay

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An effective composer will use their texts as a medium to explore significant concepts that impart compelling ideas. One such composer is J.D Salinger, who uses his novel The Catcher in the Rye to follow the experiences of troubled teenager Holden Caulfield as he recounts various incidents in his rebellious life. Through the narration of this journey the composer delves into the noxious impacts of grief on mental health and the fear of ageing due to the inevitable loss of innocence. Salinger additionally examines how the lust for individuality ultimately results in self-isolation, conveying thought-provoking messages about the origin and effects of alienation. By analysing these themes, the composer is effectively able to depict powerful concepts that individuals can understand and reflect on in their everyday lives.

By analysing detrimental impacts of grief on mental health, composers are able to convey powerful messages to our judgmental society about the tragedy people experience. Holden’s anecdotal recount of his younger brother’s death elucidates the mental torment that urged his parents to “have [him] psychoanalysed”. Upon discovering his brother had passed, he “broke all the….windows with [his] fist”, which is metaphoric of Holden’s life shattering, effectively illustrating his unadulterated reaction to death and the true ferocity of grief. Consequently, he attempts to “[conceal] the fact that [he] was a wounded sonuvabitch”, symbolising his struggle to hide his…

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