An Effective Community Partnership Act Essay

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Partnerships in society can assist with individuals taking a stand to acknowledge issues such as abuse. when a community is on board to make necessary changes by acknowledging the needs of the neighborhood it makes it easier to implement plans and programs, however; community members, especially those who hold power, has to raise awareness on a local level and encourage the public to take pride in their neighborhood knowing that they all are playing a vital role being an active citizen while saving a child from being abused. In order to have an effective community partnership, one has to take the initiative to involve policy makers, planners, and activists, so everyone can play an active role depending on the condition being addressed such as abuse, neglect, drugs and alcohol. Communities can set goals on how the system can improve, making provisions as to reach those goals, so that the level of stress and substance use can be diminished.hence; the plan is only effective if policymakers and the general public attempt to understand the nature of abuse and plan to resolve it. Until the community comes together to acknowledge that there is a problem with children being abused, children will continue to live unhealthy lives and in fear.
As a result of this case plan I hope to accomplish a stronger and healthier relationship with the family that I am researching, I would be able to help alleviate stereotypes surrounding my research family and provide them resources that can…

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