An Effective Classroom Management Plan Essay

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An effective classroom management plan is pertinent to building productive and successful learning environments. To achieve this, teachers must base their pedagogies and approaches on evidence based theory that underpins positive student behaviour, and promotes respectful, engaging and rich learning experiences (O’Neill & Stephenson, 2011, p. 35). There are a range of models that have been created by theorists who have studied behaviour and why misbehavior and disengagement occurs. In order to draw on theory as a basis for classroom management, it is essential that teachers understand the important elements that make up each model, and how they align with their own personal teaching philosophy (Lyons, Ford & Slee, 2014). By highlighting key points, strengths and weaknesses of; Choice Theory, Assertive Discipline Theory and Cognitive Behavioural Theory, comparisons can be made about their application in the classroom and ultimately the impact on student behaviour.
A teacher who takes on a student-centred approach, may employ the first model of classroom management. Choice Theory (CT), developed by William Glasser, explains that behaviour is at the core of the individual, and a direct reflection of the want to satisfy five psychological needs; survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun (Porter, 2000, p. 140). It is essential that the classroom is equipped in providing students with a quality education that nurtures these five needs, as this will in turn motivate…

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