An Educator 's Job For Search For The Truth And Certitude Essay

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In this paper, I will argue that it is an educator’s job to search for the truth and certitude in knowledge. Educators are required to be concerned and ardent about helping the students that they work with. Socrates believes that individuals should be taught by experiencing the world around them in addition to being with their friends rather than being taught by having a traditional education where the setting is in the classroom. Socrates viewed education like an individual quest, making the student responsible for obtaining the knowledge they need to succeed in life, while the teacher is purely a guide for the student. Socrates method was to question the students as well as guide them in the right direction rather than merely revealing to them what they need to know. In doing this, the questions lead to further examination and investigation, which is more useful for the student to engage in the discussion. Socrates did not believe that lectures were a reasonable way to teach these students, but if they use the knowledge that was already existing it could be rewarding in strengthening their understanding. In the Allegory of the Cave, Socrates compared the prisoners that are stuck in the cave too students who were uneducated. While the prisoners see the shadows in the light; this generates me to believe that Socrates is referring to how students start to gradually find out what knowledge is nevertheless some things still remain a mystery to them. Socrates states that when a…

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