An Educator And A Builder Of Community Essay

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Outcome 6 As an educator and a builder of community, it is very important not to get stuck in a “rut” of sorts when it comes to teaching and teaching practices. Oftentimes, in anything that we do, we fall into a routine the same tools and strategies we are comfortable with. This is fine in some cases, but it is important to make sure that we reuse only the tools and strategies that are still effective and not outdated. Education is an ever-evolving field that requires adaptation and change. Because of this, it is also necessary for us to adapt and change techniques and practices so that we may better be able to help students learn and grow. This can be done in a number of ways, and with the new technology that is making its way into the classroom, it is now more possible to find and communicate different techniques used by others. It is also very important to seek out the help of fellow teachers when trying to improve or learn new strategies on how to deliver information in a better manner. The last thing to remember is to always review and reflect on tactics used within a classroom often, making sure that they remain the most effective ways to assist students academically as well as creatively. Due to all of the new technology, differentiation is more accessible as well. Teachers are not required to come up with all of the ideas used for the classroom, but can rather find and adapt different techniques used by others. Most children are very fluent when it comes to…

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