Essay about An Educational Program For Infertile Couples

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The author, being of African descent and having personally struggled with inability to conceive, identifies closely with infertile couples in Africa. In African society where fertility is held in such high regard, infertile couples struggle significantly with criticism and rejection by members of their communities. A solution to this issue, proposed by this capstone project is to create an educational program to encourage understanding and compassion for infertile couples among their communities in developing countries. As many developing countries are most often associated with having high birth rates, the issue of infertility is often not acknowledged. Having children is one of the highest priorities for married couples in many African countries, so if a couple is unable to conceive or birth a live child, the infertile couple is stigmatized and shunned from the community. An education program needs to be provided at existing community clinics that focuses on educating people about the real causes of infertility and teaching community members that more than anything, infertile couples, especially women, need their understanding and compassion to deal with an already difficult situation. I truly believe that knowledge in this situation is truly power and it could change the outlook of infertility of many if not even an entire community.
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