An Educational Breakdown Of Education Essay

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An Educational Breakdown

Education and those who rely on one have been severely let down over the years. The lower requirements of one educational system compared to another whose may be higher is one of many breakdowns in the way those responsible value our children 's education. In Russell Baker 's "School vs. Education" he stated, "Children whose education has been limited to adjusting themselves to their schools ' low estimates of them are admitted to less joyous colleges which, in some cases, may teach them to read." (225) When I look back on his previous information I can see the contrast. He wrote "The point is to equip the child to enter college." (225) Whatever the case may be, if a higher standard of education is not being enforced then students are being prepared for failure. In Mary Sherry 's essay "In Praise of the F Word" she says, "They will also discover they 've been cheated by our educational system." (Newsweek, 1991) To paraphrase Benjamin Barber in "America Skips School", if citizens were serious about education, teachers and students would be liable for the high standards set for them. Whether that be by sending each student along regardless of the knowledge they know and possess or making sure they understand the knowledge before passing. (238) With greater expectations come greater responsibilities and our country 's youth desperately need both to truly be successful in all aspects of their lives. A limited education can lead…

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