An Early Russian Psychologist By Catcher Lev Vygostky Essay example

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In the Language Context subtest area, the client obtained a standard score of 94 with a percentile rank of 34 and a confidence interval of 88-100. This standard score is within normal functional limits. In the Language Structure subtest area, Bernie obtained a standard score of 85 with a percentile rank of 16 with a confidence interval of 79-91. This standard score indicates a borderline average score. In the subtest area of Working Memory, the client obtained a standard score of 77 with a percentile ran of 6 and a confidence interval of 68-86. This score indicates that Bernie is performing below average in the Working Memory subtest area. According to the Criterion-Referenced Score Chart, the client met the criterion score. However, the client did not meet criterion scores for the subtest areas of Phonological Awareness nor Pragmatic Profile. Bernie was unable to complete the Rapid Automatic Naming subtest area.
Language develops because of human’s tendency to engage and interact socially with others. An early Russian psychologist by the name of Lev Vygostky was a supporter of the Social Interactionist Theory that viewed language primarily as a tool for making social connections and communicating ideas. An important concept in this theory, scaffolding, which involves the adult mediation to help guide students to obtain a higher level of capability that they may not be capable of achieving on their own. (Nelson, 2010, p. 67). Since Bernie has difficulty…

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