An Early Marriage Essay

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Should early marriages be allowed?

Early marriages are marriages among teenagers which are from 16 till 20. Recently, the number of youth who got married early increase. There are many reasons why young couples have decided to have an early marriage. But the main point is do they think wisely to face this new phase? Marriage is not for a couple of days but it is for the rest of your life. Marriage is not just for fun but it is about responsibility between a man and woman who decided to be a husband and wife. Youth should think wisely before make any decision by knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of an early marriage.

There are a lot of advantages of an early marriage. Firstly, “young people become grown-up by getting
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Furthermore, “young people are not ready psychologically and morally” (Paliichuk 2011). It is become habit for youth to live single and now they have to adapt to live with their partner and the responsibility towards their partner are important. Life will change as getting married and youth cannot act like a single man or woman and they must fully ready either psychologically or morally for their happiness.” Young people usually depend on their parents financially” (Paliichuk 2011) because mostly young people who get married still a student and do not have a permanent work. Sometimes, an early marriage will end up with divorce because of “the youth lack of life experience” (Paliichuk 2011). “An early marriage is usually based on love” (Paliichuk 2011) but this does not mean that they will be able to handle their marriage.

Based on my surveys, most of the people did not agree with this kind of marriage because they think teens cannot handle marriage at early age. All of them agree that the suitable age for marriages are 20 and above. But they did not deny that early marriages do not prevent people from studying and making career. Most of them agree that early marriages are just like gambling because not all marriages give happiness to people. The happiness depends on the youth how to create their happy family.

In conclusion, I do not support early marriages. Based on my research, the youth are afraid of responsibility and they did not ready whether

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