An Early Childhood Getting A Good Education Essay

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From the beginning of an early childhood getting a good education was the main propriety for many of us around the world. Having very strong beliefs that a good education can lead to a better job, lifestyle, and financial security that cannot be obtained without any form of education. That could be farther from the truth as many have made very successful lives without any educational background. The idea that college educated learning is the only way to a better life have left does that aren 't fit for college isolated.
The financial beginnings of a college career can be the reason why over thousands of people feel like college is not for them. With tuition rates skyrocketing every year, it 's getting harder and harder for a lower class family or even a middle-class family to obtain a degree without taking on huge or overpriced loans. According to Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill authors of should everyone go to college? Stated fewer than 60 percent of students who enter four- year schools finish within six years, and for low- income students it 's even worst. This set the stage for an uneven playing field for unfortunate lower class citizens. Without any better option, some finish their educational career with just a high school diploma. That doesn 't mean because you 're stuck with just a high school diploma your life would be simply terrible. " They find that 14 percent of people with a high school diploma make at least as much as those with a high school diploma make…

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