Essay on An Early Childhood Education Setting

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Part A
Children in an early childhood education setting need support in their learning and development with regards to literacy knowledge and skills. This is supported in several ways with a key element being a literacy rich environment. This environment will consist of three areas: materials that contain print, materials and tools that produce print and materials that facilitate reading (Fellowes & Oakley, 2014).These print-rich classrooms that have print available throughout the environment that are meaningful and are used throughout the day, enrich children’s learning experiences (Guo, Justice, Kaderavek, & McGinty, 2012). This environment helps to nurture and facilitate three key areas of a child’s literacy development; oral communication; literacy behaviours; and engagement with literacy materials. Oral communication is regarded as a child’s ability to express their feelings, ideas and opinions through oral speech whereas literacy behaviours are skills such as book handling and story comprehension (Monsalve & Correal, 2006; Schickedanz, 2005). Literacy materials are objects or prompts provided by the educator for children to engage with as they develop their literacy behaviours and oral communication with some examples being word processors like pens, paper, crayons and books (“Using Literacy Leaning Centres,”n.d.).

Literacy Focused Reading and Writing Centres
Reading and writing centres are spaces within an educational setting that contain materials that encourage…

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