Essay about An Description Of Nursing Career

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An actual description of the career in nursing is to help patients understand and writing down information on a patient’s medical history. I think the appeal of the nursing career is that it is always changing and can be interesting over time. What I mean by interesting is professions of health care are not the same as it was before. For example, Rita Connors remembers nurses’ names to be highlighted after different shifts to have knowledge of what nurse oversee which patients. One of the reasons that the nursing field can be interesting is that healthcare information is always changing over time. Also, the careers in nursing can be found anywhere there are hospital or medical practices. In any kind of nursing, English classes are required for a nursing degree. Teri Locker feels dismayed at how many apply for the nursing program with poor writing skills. Writing skills such as proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formulating ideas are necessary for the field of nursing. Some of the features such as being able to write grammatically are important. Also, patients can understand nurses through verbal communication is essential. One of the trainings that nurses must have is being able write short-handed on the patient’s medical history. Nurses have a different way of documenting because they write shorthanded or free-writing in patients’ medical history. Shorthanded or freewriting is essential, so patients do not stay overnight at the hospital. Terri Lock states “In…

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