An Description Of An Ideal Leader Essay

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When asked to describe an ideal leader, many would name attributes such as intelligence, toughness, determination and vision, which are all qualities traditionally associated with leadership. What most would often forget is that while softer skills are not as prominent in many leaders, these skills play an immense part in a leader’s overall success. In fact, some studies indicate that emotional intelligence may be the key attribute that distinguishes outstanding performers from those who are merely adequate. Micki King, John Sirica and Patsy Mink are just a few leaders who display a great balance of traits that caused them to thrive in their respective fields. Micki King, or Maxine Joyce King, is an American former competitive diver and diving coach. She won the gold medal for diving at the 1972 Olympics, as well as eight AAU titles, four Canadian national titles, and two silver medals at the 1967 and 1971 Pan American Games. She has been inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame, the International Women 's Sports Hall of Fame, the International Swimming Hall of Fame, and the University Of Michigan Athletic Hall Of Honor. Early in 1973, King was appointed diving coach at the U.S. Air Force Academy becoming the first woman ever to be a faculty member at a military academy in the United States ("Micki King Bio, Stats, and Results"). Micki King is a woman who defied many standards presented to her, and she serves as inspiration for anyone faced with the challenge…

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