An Definition Of Successful With A Multi Million Dollar Brand

833 Words Nov 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Dr. Dennis Kimbro spoke about the keys to be successful and for majority of the video I agreed with him but, I think the definition of successful and how to be successful has changed. In today’s society almost anybody can be successful. People are becoming rich, famous and successful simply because they have a million follows on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vine or because they have the right assets. For example the famous Kim Kardashian, we all know what she’s famous for, now has a multi-million dollar brand. Its people like her and her family that make it harder for people with actually talent to have that type of successful. People today are more focused on how much entertainment can an individual provide me, than the actually skills and ability that someone has. I also believe there are levels to how successful someone is and that race plays a small role in determining how successful someone can be. Take for instance Kevin Hart, he is a successful actor and comedian, but only in the black community. I know there are white people who like him just as much as the next black person but majority of his success come from the black community, he hasn’t reached that type of success like Will Smith or Opray Winfrey where he has “crossed over” to the white people mainstream.
When Dr.Kimbro spoke about the four keys of being successful in the beginning of the video, I definitely agreed with the four point he gave which were, focusing on what you desire the most, emulate…

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