An Call For A Clean And Renewable Energy Source Essay

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Everyday humans use electricity and other energy sources without thinking about where that power came from, or how it was harnessed. The amazing demand for energy drives innovators to continually think about new innovations to capture and harness power. The massive need for endless amounts of energy is there and few methods alone can match the energy required. In response, humans have begun their quest for a source of energy that is clean and renewable. In a recent survey, 62% of people stated that they are willing to use green power over power generated by fossil fuels. Many people are set on wind or solar, but there are many other options out there that make more sense in terms of reliability and efficiency. Nuclear fission was once thought to be the new energy powerhouse, but has dissolved after many catastrophes and radioactive waste. Scientists are now turning to fusion to answer the call for a clean and renewable energy source.
Most people are familiar with the sun and the raw power that it possesses. Nuclear fusion is responsible for lighting up the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth. It has been the dream of scientists to harness the power of the sun right here on Earth. Scientists have found that the sun’s power comes from combining atoms. In order to combine atoms, repulsive forces within the atoms have to be overcome by massive amounts of pressure and heated to very high temperatures. Only under these extreme conditions can the atoms move faster enough to fuse together…

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