Essay on An Awareness Of Civil Rights

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As discussed previously, JFK started an awareness of Civil Rights, his actions in Birmingham, coupled with the media coverage; however, it was LBJ’s ability to use his connections in Congress to pass laws that changed the face of voting and civil right throughout the United States. As far as the leadership at the grassroots level Dr. Martin Luther King is the most famous, due to the nonviolent protests and boycotts; however, Rosa Parks, Aurelia Browder, and Louise Keys, were the catalysis for the grassroots movement. Although not much is mentioned of these individuals. President’s Eisenhower, JFK and LBJ along with the sitting justices on the Supreme Court share credit on the national level. Firstly the Presidents by supporting Supreme Court decisions, calling congress to pass laws, and taking action when States clearly chose to disregard the law, and the Courts by applying the intent of the Constitution and declaring laws unjust while supporting unpopular laws as they met the intent of the Constitution. I don’t believe that one person alone mattered the most, the nonviolent protest by Dr. Martin Luther King coupled with his speech on the steps of the Lincoln memorial were extremely powerful, but without action by the courts, the leaders in congress and the Presidency. However, the media played a large part in how the American public viewed civil rights, when images of dogs attacking nonviolent protesters, people beaten and killed because of color changes the view of right…

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