An Autobiography Of Nelson Mandela Essay

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For almost 20 years that I grew up in Tanzania, the song in everyone’s ears has been poor economic condition that flirted the nation. Despite being the fulcrum of liberation of African continent, still it is lagging behind and stands as one of the poorest nation on earth. For years now, what lingers into many Tanzanian minds including me; what should be done to change our country’s fortune?
I recall during my primary school days in late 1990s, reading a book “Long Walk to Freedom”, an autobiography of Nelson Mandela. I was … to know that Mandela was a qualified lawyer, who tireless fought to change the social miseries of his community. Through that reading I grew fond of what today I call my profession; law. My ultimate belief is to be part of social changes, by putting into practice what I learnt in classrooms.
In light of economic recession that flirted this country for long time, many national corporations and private institutions face operational shutdown. As a result, multitude of people seen their jobs went with waves in redundancies.
In 2003, my father’s job at Oilcom Tanzania Limited, one of largest oil companies, went with the meltdown as part of redundancy policy. It was a devastating experience, as it threatened to derail my educational progress. Since he was the provider of basic needs to our family of five people, the loss of job was a shock to us all. However, as daunting as it was, I fought tooth and nail, and didn’t allow being pulled back in pursuing my…

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