Essay on An Assignment On Instructional Problem

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Summary of Instructional Problem
Overview of Instructional Problem Nowadays a teacher website is considered and essential tool in a 21st century classroom. Parents see a website as a go-to location to find out what is happening in their child’s classroom, how to contact the teacher, find tutoring times or locate learning resources. Teachers use their website to disseminate digital assignments, class notes, instructional videos or share information and answer questions via blogs or discussion boards. All teachers at Kennedy High School have a teacher website, yet only 49% of classroom teachers have populated their website with any information and of these, only 5% have created a website that meets the current State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) Technology Applications Standards for all Teachers. Ad hoc training is currently provided to help teachers develop a website, but teachers are frequently unable or unwilling to attend classes. There is no centralized resource that contains all of the instructional materials that teachers need to help them to build their website or refresh their skills after attending a class
SBEC are developing new standards that align with the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Teachers (ISTE-T), therefore the school district expects all teachers to have a website that meets these standards.
Findings From Needs Analysis Data from the school district learning management system indicate that teachers are not…

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