Essay on An Assignment On Human Resource Management

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Assignment Choice #1: Workforce Planning
Successful organizations must break free from the cookie cutter workforce and create a culture unique to the company while accomplishing the mission. Attracting personnel to fit the unique culture is not always easy or cheap, but the payoffs can be exponential. Workforce planning is the roadmap to attracting, recruiting, and hiring personnel who are the right fit for the organization. When human resource management (HRM) fails to map out a plan, the organization can suffer by employing personnel who do not meet the qualifications or suit the culture.
Effective Selection
Creating the mission, vision, and core values statements are part of the strategic planning process when an organization is starting up or reinventing itself. At that development stage, leaders are visualizing the type of culture they want to birth and nurture within the establishment. Cable (2008) explains the advantage of attracting a “strange” workforce is a product or service that is incomparable to the competition. A “strange” workforce is “out of the ordinary and unexpected, unusual or striking, slightly odd or even a bit weird” (Cable, 2008, p. 46).
Staffing Needs Analysis
Human resources (HR) must ascertain the positions in need of staffing before they can attract new or “strange” talent. A tool HR uses to complete this undertaking is a staffing needs analysis. A staffing needs analysis is a tool “used to determine the numbers and type of jobs…

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