An Assessment That Tests Your Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Interpersonal communication is in our everyday lives, conversation with our friends, family, and colleagues are all examples. By definition interpersonal communication is dyadic, contains two or more people, and influences either the sender and/or receiver’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships (Cohen 2016). Despite the fact that everyone communicates interpersonally, many people do not do it very well. Brian H. Spitzberg and William R. Cupach are two theorists who have an assessment that tests your interpersonal communication competence. The overall scoring range is from eighteen to ninety, the higher your score the more competent you are at communicating, I scored a seventy-two. This overall score is made up of six dimensions, as you can see in the table below, the majority of my dimension scores are the same with the outlier being my effectiveness. Based on these results and material learned during lecture I would say that I am fair at interpersonal communication. Granted, I have never had any formal training in the area so before a couple weeks ago I had not really put too much thought in it. Despite just recently learning about interpersonal communication competence, I deem myself based off of results in the assessment below a fair communicator, who with more knowledge on the subject can become better.
Being an effective communicator goes beyond verbally using the proper words to achieve your objective from conversation. In order to be effective your…

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