An Assessment Of Various Research Methodologies Essay

1223 Words May 15th, 2016 null Page
An assessment of various research methodologies, assessing why a researcher might use these research methodologies and why a researcher might not use the research methodologies. Including whether research methodologies are influenced by ethical principles, validity and reliability are included.

There are two main types of sampling which a researcher could use for their research project: random sampling or snowball sampling. A random sample is where the research questionnaire, interview etc. is handed and completed by any individual. A researcher might use random sampling in order to collect data from all different groups, no matter what their identity (gender, age, sexuality, lifestyle etc.) meaning that they could gain a variety of data. A researcher might not use random sampling as the data collected might not be reliable or valid as one group’s opinion might be represented more than another 's. This could make the results of the research project unreliable and invalid as the outcome does not represent everybody’s opinion. A snowball sample is where the researcher asks participants to pass on a questionnaire, interview question etc. to individual’s who they know fit the criteria. A researcher might use snowball sampling in order to pinpoint and collect data from a particular group. For example, if the researcher asks participants to forward the project onto female’s only then the data collected would only be from a female’s perspective. The researcher could be testing a…

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