An Assessment Of Case 3.7, And The Mentor / Mentee Interaction

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The following is an assessment of Case 3.7, and the mentor/mentee interaction. The graduate advisor Ron Archer is a mentor for a predoctoral student named Gordon Polk. One day, Gordon approached Ron enthusiastically about his transformative findings of a enzyme’s properties. For the sake of credibility, Ron requested that Gordon redo the experiment. Later, Gordon reperformed the experiment, and returned to Ron with the same results. Before going forward with the findings due to their implications, Ron decides he needs an independent investigator for the findings. For that reason, Ron reaches out to another predoctoral student is his laboratory to repeat the experiment without notifying Gordon. The predoctoral student is ordered not to discuss this matter with anyone in the lab.
Now, from the summary of this interaction there are a few ethical issues raised. First, should Gordon have sought out an independent investigation of Rons research project without his involvement? Second, should Gordon asked another predoctoral student within his lab for independent investigation? Third, should Gordon have shared Rons research project and data without his consent? For this assignment, and the assessment of this mentee mentor interaction I will approach the first ethical issue. The position that I have taken is that the mentor should not have requested an independent investigation of Rons research project without his involvement. Ron Archer was the offender in this mentor/mentee…

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