An Artistic Representation of the Sixties Through Across the Universe

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John Stuart
May 14, 2010

An Artistic Representation of the Sixties Through Across The Universe

Many historical fiction films that we watch fail to depict history in an accurate way due to the emphasis on entertainment and revenue instead of keeping the integrity of its historical events. However, some motion pictures stay true to history while providing entertainment through fictional stories. Although the stories are fictional, movie writers can craft stories that represent the history, attitudes, and personalities of a time period in a historically accurate way. A prime example of a movie that is entertaining and represents history accurately is Across The Universe, directed by Julie Taymor in 2007. This film succeeds in
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At the same time as the 12th street riot and the social revolution of Black Americans, the Vietnam War was raging and the draft was enacted forcing young men in America to fight a war they did not want to fight. Max receives a letter from the draft and notifies him that he must join the army, and when he goes to enroll, the song “I Want You” is sung. The song symbolizes the U.S’s need for more soldiers for the war with the main lyrics singing “I want you, I want you so bad”. This was the overall theme because the song only has 14 words in it. This scene is particularly powerful because it shows how the Army took people by force and shipped them off to Vietnam to fight a war that they did not want. The lyrics “She’s So Heavy” is sung while soldiers carrying the Statue of Liberty on their backs are stepping all over Vietnam. This symbolizes that freedom is not free, but also the destruction we can cause because of it. When Max goes to fight the War, Jude sings “Strawberry Fields Forever” in a fit of depression and rage in his worrying about Max. This song is fitting because Strawberry Fields is reminiscent to the blood of the soldiers in the war stretching as far as a field. The song and the images on the screen show the violence of the war and its atrocities. Because of all the

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