An Artifact Is Any Kind Of Disruption Or Unwanted Error Essay

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An artifact is any kind of disruption or unwanted error that is seen while perceiving data not generated from the brain. Examples of such witnessed throughout this experiment included swallowing, blinking, perspiration, gazing, and head movement to name a few. Yes, I would include these in my investigation because they occur in everyone and therefore should be factored into the evaluations.

2.Alpha waves are indicated by a person who is awake and very much at ease. Depending if the eyes were open or closed, and whether the subject was using a certain area of her brain or not, either an increase or a decrease in alpha waves were seen. When the subject sat with her eyes open alpha waves were less pronounced due to more noise. However, when the subject shut her eyes and started doing math in her head, the alpha waves had a slightly lower amplitude. Then when the subject stopped doing math, but remained with her eyes closed the amplitude increased. By applying any thought, or having eyes opened caused a decrease in amplitude. However, when the subject sat with eyes closed, and the brain providing no thought amplitude increased. These results remained true when the subject listened to music. Upbeat music caused an increase of beta waves since the subject was more alert, and a decrease in alpha waves since the mind was concentrating on the music and not in a completely relaxed state.

3.It was observe that when skin conductance increased, the amplitude on the…

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