An Article Written By Carla Turchettil Essay

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In the world today it seems like every thing on TV there is something related to some business scandal where a CEO or an employee was able to steal millions of dollars from the company, or their customers without anyone noticing. Every time these business scandals happen everybody is surprised that it happened, and no one understands how it happened. With the amount of scandals that have happened the last decade, everybody is trying to figure out ways to try and stop businesses from being unethical. From an article written by Carla Turchettil, she writes about three ways to build an ethical business. The three steps that Turchettil talks about are being consistently ethical, lead with morals, and give back to the community. When analyzing the first part of being consistently ethical, Turchettil is talking about always thinking about others when making a decision and think about these three points that she mentions in her article “Do I mind other knowing what I have decided? Who does my decision affect or hurt? And will my decision be considered fair by those affected?” (3 Ways to Build an Ethical Business. (2012).) With this in mind a person should think through these questions if ever deciding on doing something unethical that the point will be that they will realize that if what they are doing is going to affect somebody they care about it there will be a higher possibility of not doing the unethical activity. The second step talks about leading with morals which…

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