Essay on An Article We Read For Class

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When a Doctor listens to your heartbeat or takes your pulse, it is physical proof that you are alive. Every time you breathe in your heart takes that oxygen and makes sure your body continues to function. If your body did not function, you would not be living. From a tiny egg in your mother 's womb to the adolescent to the adult, you change continuously. Living, real-life people adapt and adjust to their situations everyday. I believe the Constitution is a “living” and adapting document, just like how we as humans change and adapt every day (Brody). When our forefathers wrote the Constitution, they designed it like a baby. Just starting out in the world, ready to be changed and formed into this document we use to guide and rule our lives. The document was meant to change over time and has the ability to adapt to current situations.
As said by the new schoolers in an article we read for class, “Today’s world is much different than 200 years ago.” The new schoolers believe that the Constitution is “living” (Last two sentences, Brody). There are many unclear statements in the constitution such as cruel and unusual punishment and the ability to have assistance of counsel for our defense (Katz, 1/21/16). The old school believers think that “judges should interpret the Constitution as our founding fathers intended” (Brody). If you do what the old schoolers want and take what the Constitution says literally, what should be done with these broad statements like cruel and…

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