An Article On Worker Safety Essay

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Curry, D. G., Quinn, R. D., Atkins, D. R., & Carlson, T. C. (2004). Injuries & the experienced worker. Professional Safety, 49(9), 30-34.

This is an article on worker safety that examines three case studies. The studies were of an electrical worker with 15 years of experience, a construction worker with eight, and a boilermaker with over 30 years of experience. In each instance, the individual performed action they clearly knew was risky and it resulted in severe injuries to each worker. The authors attempt to analyze why the workers engaged in this risky behavior. The theory is that the exposure to risk is subjective and not objective. This means the more someone is around a particular danger, the less dangerous it will seem if they never perceive negative consequences. At first glance, this may seem to be an unrelated article in comparison to other articles dealing with passwords. However, while passwords are certainly part of the security equation, users are an equally important facet. Human behavior is remarkably similar whether it is on a construction site or a keyboard. If industrial workers can become negligent in their physical safety due to risk complacency, then it becomes no issue to see how users can become complacent with their cyber safety. While perhaps not an in-depth analysis of the human psyche, this article has use in that it can be used to draw inferences about why users behave in risky behavior with their passwords. This can be especially…

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