Essay on An Article On The Wall Street Journal

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An article in the Wall Street Journal was found by the researcher and summed up precisely the exact foundation of the proposed theory that education geared towards soft skills is imperative. According to Alsop (2002), corporate recruiters seek first the interpersonal skills known as soft skills and yet find these to be the weakest skills possessed by M.B.A. graduates. Business schools are proficient in providing technical and teamwork skills but missing the mark when it comes to the soft skills. The article reviews how many of the top ranking universities such as Stanford and M.I.T. are working to put leadership and interpersonal studies into their business degree programs to improve the all-around caliber of graduates they produce. (Alsop, 2002) The article is persuasive to the argument that business schools need to improve on educating not only on a technical level but a personal one as well. The material is 12 years old which means this data is outdated. Updated information on where the schools mentioned in the article are at today with the changes they implemented would be needed to complete the research report. The bottom line of the article regarding the need for such skills is still an important piece to the research overall. One of the research needs was to define what soft skill qualities are deemed imperative to effective leadership. Along the search for quality sources a title stood out; “What are the five most important qualities of an effective leader.”…

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