An Article On The Value Of Globalization Essays

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Often, many companies attempt to unlock the true value of globalization but struggle because they are unaware of what it really means. In an article, globalization is explained as it pertains to companies, “According to the study, as companies expand around the world, creating the capabilities to ensure that existing and new investments are holistically and continuously optimized is crucial for unlocking the true value of globalization.” (“Unlocking the Value of Globalization,” 2005). Applying this definition to their business model, Enbridge was able to unlock the true value of globalization and has astronomically increased their growth. In an article about how Enbridge is looking to increase the production of oil sands it says, “…oil sands production grow by 50% over 2010 levels by 2025. Even in CAPP 's "growth" scenario, which would see oil sands production grow by two and a half times over 2010 levels by 2025, there is sufficient capacity in existing and near term planned export pipelines. Canada 's intrinsic oil resources represent a highly strategic energy resource, and the oil sands represent 90% of what remains.” (Hughes, 2011). As it said, Enbridge has plans to exponentially increase the size of their company and the capacity that it is able to do currently, in an effort to unlock the value of globalization and take the company in a better direction. The only other thing the company could do in an effort to truly unlock the value of globalization is attempt to enter…

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