Essay on An Article On The Perfect Profile

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Take a quick second to recall the last time you went online. Did you perhaps browse your newsfeeds on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? If so, you’re in great company. According to Time Magazine, the average American checks social media approximately 46 times a day! We live in a time where our life is centered around social media and maintaining the perfect online profile. The “perfect profile” is centered around a large group of friends to comment, like, and share your posts. An article recently published by Pew Research Center claims the average Facebook user has 338 friends. Take a moment to reflect on that number. Do you actually believe the average Facebook user interacts with all 338 people? Throughout life we encounter many individuals but only a handful are truly considered friends. Unfortunately, some friendships can’t last forever, and the individuals who you once had a special bond with slowly drift away. Thus the question at hand is why do we stay connected to some people but not others? In order to further understand the dynamics that are involved between interpersonal relationships it is crucial to study the Social Exchange Theory.
“Social Exchange Theory (SET) is based on the notion that people think about their relationships in economic terms.” (West, Turner p. 165). The fundamental elements of SET rely on a balance of rewards and costs. Costs are defined as the components of a relationship that have a negative value on an individual.…

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