An Article On The And Of The Article Essay

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1. Name the author/s of the article.
The authors of this article are Robin H. Kay and Sharon Lauricella.

2. Who is the primary audience for the article? Why? (Give reasons for your answer, providing clear evidence from article). Avoid giving multiple answers.

The primary audience for this particular article are universities or any higher education system. They would most like be the ones to buy and read this type of article to have a better understanding of how effective it is to give students or allow students to use laptops in the classroom. They would also be the audience because they would be able to use this article for assessments for the students as it’s an academic article. Since the article is in English most universities would be able to find it useful as English is the language the majority of people speak.

3. According to skills taught in class, what are some of the visual features of an academic article that can assist your understanding of the material? (e.g., aspects of layout, headings, font style, language, etc.) Which two of these techniques helped you the most whilst reading the article for this assessment? Briefly explain how they helped you. Word count: up to 100 words.

Some of the visual features that can assist with the understanding of the material are; underlines, headings, font style and the language used. The two visual features that helped me understand this article were headings and the language used. The headings were bold and larger in…

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