Essay on An Article On Police Use Of Force

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This article summarizes the research done on police use of force. First, the author describes the role of police in society, helping the author get a better understanding of police work. The three elements of the police role are defined as being armed, protecting, and participating. Police being armed gives them coercive abilities because of the constant, underlying possibility that they can use deadly force. The police role of protection gives them charge to their use of force and extends to all civilians, including those violate the law. Protecting civilians and offenders alike is what limits the use of force powers of police. While trying to protect themselves and others, the use of force should be proportional and the least amount needed to get the offender to comply. The role of participation is a two-way street between the police and the community. In order to participate in keeping the community safe, the community must support the police. Otherwise, the role of police are illegitimate and ineffective. In response to the public concern and to inform policy on the role of police and their ability to use force, the article summarizes the body of knowledge on police use of force. The first section of information describes issues that have a substantial amount of research and there is a high degree of confidence in its accuracy. To start, it’s certain that, no matter how researchers measures it, police force is used infrequently in all police-public…

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