An Article On Interpersonal And Cross Cultural Communication For Advance Practice Registered Nurse Leaders

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Title of Paper
An article on “Interpersonal and Cross Cultural Communication for Advance Practice Registered Nurse Leaders” is taken from “The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice.” It is written by the authors such as Boykins, Anita Davis, Carter and Chandra B. The purpose of this paper is mainly on the Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) and their communication in relation to nursing care for different cultures. This paper particularly deals with different skills and abilities and their proper application during health care of nurse leaders.
Nursing care is much necessitated with communication, because nurses need to communicate with different cultural groups while giving care to them. There is good number of nursing professionals in USA and presently it is important to give advance studies to them on how to do holistic care. Because holistic care helps a nurse to understand an individual’s preferences such as their values and needs this will respects the patient. Nurses will be more effective care givers only when they being more compassionate and culturally appropriate. Hence, today we have “The Institute of Medicine” which brought forth a blueprint for the future of nursing roles. The work environment of nurses can be transformed for the safety of the patient’s safe by the particular nursing roles, nursing settings and educational levels. An advanced level communication skill aimed to improve the communication between the clinical leaders, nurses and…

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