An Article On Being An Atheist Essay

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In 1968, one of the famous and respected scholar H. J. McCloskey wrote an article titled “On Being an Atheist” for the journal Question. He is an atheist philosopher, who also wrote God and Evil. In “One Being an Atheist,” McCloskey condemns the classical arguments for God’s presence and provides the problem of evil as a reason not to have faith in God. This paper attempts to respond to McClowskey’s argument from a theistic, more specifically a Christian worldview.
In the article, McCloskey McCloskey claims that his claims are ‘proofs’ while they should be regarded as ‘theories’. In the discussion of God’s existence, it is hard to find a proof that can either refute or support the existence of superior being. He wrote something notable in his book, “most theists do not come to believe in God as a basis for religious believe, but come to religion as a result of other reasons and factors” (62). After all, he mentions how Christians do not come to belief not by the ‘proofs’ but by other ‘factors’. Interestingly, McCloskey takes a poke at Christians who often say it is more difficult and uncomfortable if people do not have faith in God. And his refutes the statement and provides a reason why Christians are more miserable than atheists.
While McCloskey claimed that the existence of the world cannot guarantee the existence of a necessarily existing being, it seems that there is no necessity to not believe the ultimate creator. When Descartes, according to his Principia…

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